100 days of new – Week one

2014-08-31 18.56.23We start. On Monday, Sept 1. 100 Days of NEW!

Here are the challenges for this week:

  1. Eat something new
  2. Find a new way
  3. Change something in your environment
  4. Do something new with paper
  5. Give a gift to someone who never received a gift from you
  6. Learn something about a topic you do not know anyhing about
  7. Try out a new posture spiritually

You can choose yourself how far you want to stretch yourself….new food could be a new type of chocolate or ice-cream….or it could be something really, really exotic like japans squid – eaten while its arms are still moving…however – what might be challenging for you might be easy for someone else – and vice versa. So it is about you. For example I never, never, never dared to go into a roller coaster. So today I found this little hand-driven wheel that pushes your body sideways and head over in all directions. And – I did it. And screamed like crazy….and felt soooooo good afterwards.

So – whatever challenge you choose – and however far you want to stretch yourself – have und and enjoy. And please post your experiences here and / or on Facebook. 

– Kerstin Hack

100 Days of new – the challenge

I guess almost everyone knows what it means to be stuck in a Routine. Routinen are great. They help us master life without too much of en effort. But sometimes there is a bit too much of them: The same kind of food, the same kind of friends, the same kind of stuff we do in our spare time. The negative side of routines  is that if we we get stuck in them, our bodies get lazy and our brain does, too.

There are people who

  • 2014-08-28 12.28.21Never drive on a motorbike
  • Never cooked a meal themselves – in Germany 40% of the population!!!!
  • Never danced Salsa, Hip Hop oder Zumba
  • Never organized a blind date for 8 (4 old, 4 new friends)
  • Never baked Pizza
  • Never donated blood
  • Never folded Origami (google it if you do not know what it means)
  • Never painted their fingernails red
  • Never went in a roller coaster
  • Never wrote a letter to a newspaper or politician
  • Never planted a tree
  • Never took part in public protest
  • Never asked a beggar how he got there
  • Never wrote their name in a non-Roman skript

With every new experience we broaden our boundaries. That is good for our bodies and for our soul. If we dared to do something new we feel strenger afterwords – and we in fact are. We made a new experience, broadened our skills a little bit and built some new neurones in our brain…and our brain sais „thank you“ by pouring out quite a few happy hormons.

We at Down to Earth strongly believe that life is a füll and rich adventure. And we believe in strengthening people. Therefore we started the 100 days of new challenge.

  • New places wait to be discovered
  • New people wait to be met
  • New movements wait to be practiced
  • New skills wait to be learned

Let´s do this together. 

The idea is simple. Starting Septempber 1, 2014 each week we post 7 ideas for a new thing you can try. They usually take no longer than 5 – 20 Minutes. We invite you to join in and to share your experiences. Here and  on Facebook  I will share the challenges – as well as some inspiration on daring new things. You can either write comments here or share your experiences on Facebook and tell – preferably with pictures – what you did.

We are looking forward to a great time – full of inspiration…and NEW! 


100 Days of New – Week 5

2013-01-08 16.39.29This weeks inspiration.

  1. Take a picture of something from a new perspective
  2. Do something new with your feet.
  3. Find a new place to rest.
  4. Sing a new song.
  5. Ask for help for something new – for something you always did yourself.
  6. Read a new poem.
  7. Look up to discover something new.

Share your experiences here and / or on the Facebook page of 100 days of new.

100 days of new – week 9

CIMG0504Week 9


  1. Do something new with a book.
  2. Do something new in a place that starts with “p”.
  3. Do something new with cloth.
  4. Learn to say “Good bye” in a new language.
  5. Do something new with pumpkin.
  6. Learn something new about food.
  7. Start a prayer in a new way.

You are warmly invited to join in and share your experience.

100 Days of New – Week 4

2014-03-16 16.37.40Week 4

The challenges for this week

  1. Integrate a new movement into your daily routine.
  2. Prepare some new food. .
  3. Pray for someone or something you never prayed for.
  4. Find out something new about a person.
  5. Pick something new in nature.
  6. Arrange something in a new way.
  7. Write to someone new.

Enjoy! And if you like share your experiences here and / or on Facebook.

100 days of new – Week 8

2014-10-18 21.31.27Week 8 // Woche 8 – Week of colors

  1. Celebrate 50 days. Do something new with colors.
  2. Do something new with red.
  3. Do something new with orange.
  4. Do something new with yellow.
  5. Do something new with green.
  6. Do something new with blue.
  7. Do something new with violett.

100 Days of new: Week 7

2013-01-08 16.04.27This weeks challenges


  1. Write something with your feet.
  2. Walk up or down the stairs in a new way.
  3. Paint something with other tools than normal.
  4. Learn a new shortcut on the computer.
  5. Find a new way to get out of bed in the morning.
  6. Do something you never did before.

Try a new spice. // Probiere ein neues Gewürz aus.

100 Days of New – Week 2

2014-01-19 17.55.16The challenge to discover and do something new goes on – thees are the inspirations for week 2.

  1. Learn to say a greeting in a different language // Lerne einen Gruß in einer anderen Sprache
  2. Find a new flower // Finde eine neue Blume
  3. Do somehing new with your hair // Mache etwas Neues mit deinem Haar
  4. Dance to music you never danced to // Tanze zu Musik, zu der du noch nie getanzt hast
  5. Speak with a new person // Sprich mit einem neuen Menschen
  6. Support a new worthy cause // Unterstütze einen neuen guten Zweck
  7. Play a new game // Spiele ein neues Spiel

You can share your experiences here and / or on Facebook. Looking forward to see what you are doing.

Creating space – for something new

2014-01-25 17.19.22 „The problem is not to find a new idea – but to get rid of the old ones.“ – John Maynard Keynes

It is obvious. If your life is totally crammed there is no space for new things.  If your flat, your cupboards, your calendar and last but not least your brain is too crammed there is no space for new things, new people, new thoughts.

Sometimes that is ok, but at other times it makes sense to create space.

Things: Famers 100 years ago owned between 100 and 10.000 Things. An average household today has 10.000 and more items in its walls. That is a lot. And lots of them we never use. It makes sense to create space by throwing out or giving away things that are no longer in use: Clothes, books, equippemnt.

To get rid of stuff costs time. But it is worth the effort. Afterwards we feel stronger and have more clarity.

Responsibilities: A few years ago I resigned from a work group I was part of. It was only one evening per month plus some additional events from time to time – but I felt that I needed to create space for something new. So I cleared my calendar and my brain from this group. And a short time later found out that I wanted to use the space to create a place that would motivate and inspire people.

Good habits: One way to prevent your files, bookshelves and cupboards from being cluttered it to develop the 1 in – 3 out habit. Every time you store something new think a moment try to get rid of 3 old ones:

  • a new magazine arrives in the mail: give or throw away 3 old ones.
  • you get or buy a new shirt – have a look at which of your old ones you no longer mypharmacyexpert.com wear and give them away.
  • you buy a new book – sell or give away 3 of your old ones
  • you store a new file – have a glance and think which 3 files you can delete
  • you file a document – take a moment to think which 3 documents you no longer use.

I have practiced this habit for many years – and it works. I have a very small office space 3 x 3 m and only two shelves. But it is enough for a whold company as I continuously get rid of things that I no longer need. And it is fun, too.

There is more on the power of living an uncluttered life and its positive side effects on healt and weight loss !!! in the LEA online training course.




LEA training course – overwiew of topics

2013-01-08 16.39.29

The 3 month LEA online training course covers a wide range of topics to help you become more relaxed and stronger in life. For those of you who are interessted in joining LEA it might be interessting to know what topic will be covered. Here you find an overview.

LEA No 00 Getting Started
LEA No 01 It Is What It Is
LEA No 02 Move forward – embrace Change
LEA No 03 Start Setting Clear Goals
LEA No 04 Drink Yourself Healthy!
LEA No 05 Discover What Motivates You
LEA No 06 Getting the Help You Need
LEA No 07 Step by Step
LEA No 08 Find Your Energy Sources
LEA No 09 Letting Go of Burdens
LEA No 10 Give Your Life a Good Clear-Out
LEA No 11 Take a Break from…
LEA No 12 The Art of Little Breaks
LEA No 13 So Far… and Now
LEA No 14 Do Things Differently
LEA No 15 Survival Strategies
LEA No 16 Becoming Strong
LEA No 17 Leave the Past Behind
LEA No 18 Make it Simpler for Yourself
LEA No 19 The art of saying “Yes” and “No”
LEA No 20 Combining Tasks
LEA No 21 Improve Your Charisma
LEA No 22 Listen Well
LEA No 23 Serenity Brings Radiance
LEA No 24 3:1 The Secret of Attractive Communication
LEA No 25 Decreasing Stress
LEA No 26 Reduce Stress, Develop Life
LEA No 27 Live Life in the Present
LEA No 28 Every End is a New Beginning

Courses start Januar / April / July / October.

IF you want to receive professional online training for a stronger and happier life register now.

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