Imagine: Your life has changed. A problem that has long occupied you has been solved. A behavior pattern that frustrates you is no longer a problem…

Perhaps a competent coach supported you through this process with his/her subject knowledge and personal strengths.

Through his/her technical and interpersonal competence, a coach helps you to reach goals that you have set for yourself. An outside opinion opens the chance for you to gain new perspective. Customized consultation supports you in introducing changes and coming closer to your goals step-by-step.

Typical reasons for having a coaching session might include:

  • Developing new perspectives in life
  • Solving personal and occupational conflicts and problems
  • Changing thought and behavior patterns
  • Overcoming (internal) obstacles
  • Improving personal leadership or work style
  • Deepening relationships
  • Optimizing the work-life balance, for example, with help of the Swing Concept
  • Developing goals – where would I like to go?
  • Discovering aptitudes and possibilities (resources)

Possible topics for coaching sessions

We offer

  • Individual coaching for occupational or personal themes
  • Author coaching for people who would like to write a book (for the first time)
  • Supervision for teams and management personnel
  • Couples counseling
  • Life-Balance Training using the SWING-Concept
  • Stress management
  • And other topics

Support for change – What does this look like?

There are different options

  • Single appointments: Sometimes a person needs support to think through a problem or topic. A lot can happen in just one or two coaching sessions.
  • Process accompaniment:  Multiple coaching appointments over the course of a couple weeks or months. This is recommended for processes of change that need a longer time for implementation.
  • Telephone-Coaching: This offers competent support without huge time and travel expenditures.
  • Day coaching. Sometimes, it’s helpful to look at, think through, and examine different life themes once, very intensively. For this, we recommend booking a (half) day coaching session.


  • Matthias Beyer: Master of Engineering, Systemic Coach, Mediator.
  • Kerstin Hack: Systemic Coach and Supervisor (SG), Trainer for Non-Violent Communication,  Speaker, Author.
  • Christoph Schalk: Master of Psychology, Senior Coach BDP (German Professional Association of Psychologists), Mediator (KH), Psychotherapeutic practitioner.
  • Rosemarie Stresemann: Systemic Coach, Speaker, Author.

Where and how?

  • By arrangement via email or telephone in the office of the respective coach
  • Or telephone-coaching – comfortably from your home or workplace
  • Prices according to the hourly rate of the respective coach – possible discounts for booking multiple appointments or (half) day coaching sessions.

Interested in a coaching session?

If you are interested in a coaching session with one of our coaches, you can either contact them directly via their respective internet pages, or you can send us your inquiry here:

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