Down to Earth wants to help people. Author and Coach Kerstin Hack and her team have developed an extensive concept that was named after Kerstin’s successful book Swing: your life in balance. In the book, Kerstin describes eight key elements necessary for a strong and energetic life. She discovered them whilst studying the biblical story of creation. Scientific research supports her findings of the 8 key elements needed for life.

The 8 Life-Elements of the Swing Concept

  • creativity
  • order/organization
  • productivity/meaning
  • celebration/high points
  • vitality
  • relationships
  • reflection
  • peace and rest

A dynamic and balanced life

Through experience as well as reading reports on research, Kerstin has come to the conclusion that a sufficient amount of these life elements need to exist in order to live a dynamic and balanced life.

Should one of these elements be significantly lacking, tenacity, vitality, and zest for life are decreased or lost.

Down to Earth engages with the Swing-Concept and offers practical help for those who want to implement it into their lifestyles through means of:

  • Books and quadros: some are directly related to the Swing-Concept, others focus on specific elements.
  • Seminars and talks: on specific themes or the Swing-Concept as a whole.
  • One-to-one coaching to help people to add the missing elements to their lives.
  • Online coaching courses (like LEA): to help people learn something new.