100 days of new – Week one

2014-08-31 18.56.23We start. On Monday, Sept 1. 100 Days of NEW!

Here are the challenges for this week:

  1. Eat something new
  2. Find a new way
  3. Change something in your environment
  4. Do something new with paper
  5. Give a gift to someone who never received a gift from you
  6. Learn something about a topic you do not know anyhing about
  7. Try out a new posture spiritually

You can choose yourself how far you want to stretch yourself….new food could be a new type of chocolate or ice-cream….or it could be something really, really exotic like japans squid – eaten while its arms are still moving…however – what might be challenging for you might be easy for someone else – and vice versa. So it is about you. For example I never, never, never dared to go into a roller coaster. So today I found this little hand-driven wheel that pushes your body sideways and head over in all directions. And – I did it. And screamed like crazy….and felt soooooo good afterwards.

So – whatever challenge you choose – and however far you want to stretch yourself – have und and enjoy. And please post your experiences here and / or on Facebook. 

– Kerstin Hack

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