LEA training course – overwiew of topics

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The 3 month LEA online training course covers a wide range of topics to help you become more relaxed and stronger in life. For those of you who are interessted in joining LEA it might be interessting to know what topic will be covered. Here you find an overview.

LEA No 00 Getting Started
LEA No 01 It Is What It Is
LEA No 02 Move forward – embrace Change
LEA No 03 Start Setting Clear Goals
LEA No 04 Drink Yourself Healthy!
LEA No 05 Discover What Motivates You
LEA No 06 Getting the Help You Need
LEA No 07 Step by Step
LEA No 08 Find Your Energy Sources
LEA No 09 Letting Go of Burdens
LEA No 10 Give Your Life a Good Clear-Out
LEA No 11 Take a Break from…
LEA No 12 The Art of Little Breaks
LEA No 13 So Far… and Now
LEA No 14 Do Things Differently
LEA No 15 Survival Strategies
LEA No 16 Becoming Strong
LEA No 17 Leave the Past Behind
LEA No 18 Make it Simpler for Yourself
LEA No 19 The art of saying “Yes” and “No”
LEA No 20 Combining Tasks
LEA No 21 Improve Your Charisma
LEA No 22 Listen Well
LEA No 23 Serenity Brings Radiance
LEA No 24 3:1 The Secret of Attractive Communication
LEA No 25 Decreasing Stress
LEA No 26 Reduce Stress, Develop Life
LEA No 27 Live Life in the Present
LEA No 28 Every End is a New Beginning

Courses start Januar / April / July / October.

IF you want to receive professional online training for a stronger and happier life register now.

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