Some good reasons for NEW

2013-01-18 17.09.14Why new?

Life can be comfortable. We do the same things over and over. We know what to do and do things with ease. So why on earth should we move to something new? There ist tons of answers – but one of the best ones is that once we do and learn something new our brain is flooded with happy hormons – that make us feel much better than those „boring“ hormons that are there if we stay in our routines.

This happy hormone cocktail also helps for new brain cells. And new brain cells help us do things with more ease – just think of how easily you ride a bike now – compared to when you learned it!

Moving out to somethin new

So where do you start when you want to move out to something new? Movement can be very diverse. There is physical movement, mental movement. But you can also move forward in your communication, or in behavior patterns and culture as well as social interaction and generosity.


You can move physically

Anyone who exercises burns calories and gains energy. You build muscle, which provides strength. In addition to this, every amount of muscle you build consumes more calories, than if you didn’t exercise.

More mobility leads to greater ease. Exercise also lifts your spirit. If you exercise for 20 minutes, you will brighten your mood. This effect lasts for about 8 hours after exercising. Therefore, it makes the most sense to exercise in the morning so that you not only benefit physically but also emotionally.

You can move mentally

We change and grow when we take an interesting course. You can learn something new every day. I do this by reading books and also several times per week, I listen to short English lectures on interesting topics from This invigorates and inspires me. I learn so much that I am able to give to others. One is more attractive to others if they are able to converse about more interesting things than the weather.

You can move in your communication

You can learn a new language or simply grow in communication skills through a course on-site or online (i.e. Or you could attend a public speaking course to help you gain security and self-confidence.

You can move culturally

Through concerts, exhibitions, and other events, you can expand your horizons and become more lively and active.

You can move socially

Perhaps when you spend more time with people, you start to feel better and they stimulate and inspire you. The people who spend six or more hours per day with other people are approximately 100% more likely to experience a happier day than people who spend most of their time alone.

You can move in generosity

Whether hidden or in social projects, you can grow in generosity and do things for fellow human beings in need. Scientists have found that those who do things for others are happier with themselves.

Practical Exercis

 Ask yourself: In what area of my life do I want to change?

a) How do I want to change?

b) In what area of my life?

c) When?

d) How?

e) How often?

And the make yourself a note of the changes you want to implement. Maybe share with others. And enjoy the new experiences and happy hormons that come with them.

Part of this text is from the online training course LEA. A course that hast 28 lessons that train you in Life (how to handle it), Energy (how to get rid of physicall and mental burdens) and appeal (how to enjoy people and how they can enjoy you more).

We first developped the course for the German market – and once it has made hundreds of Germans happier and stronger we translated it into English. In October we run the first international course. See the  website for more info and registration.You can register for it online.

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