FocusWeek-Vortrag 09-1Overview of the 2013 Seminars as PDF.

Kerstin Hack and other authors, coaches, and trainers from the Down To Earth publishing house also offer talks and seminars on the themes that they explore in their books. Seminars are generally interactive with a mixture of talks, discussion, and activities in small groups.

It is possible to schedule individual talks as well as seminar days, weekends, and whole weeks. All talks and seminars are fitted to the individual needs of the groups and organizations. We will send specific information regarding terms and conditions on request.

In addition, Down to Earth sometimes hosts their own seminars (see Course Dates). However, you can invite the Down to Earth speaker to come to your facility and book individual speaking engagements, seminar days, weekends, or even entire weeks. All lectures and seminars are customized to the needs of the respective speaker and participants. We would be glad to send you more exact information regarding appointments and conditions upon request.

The themes and speakers – some possibilities

Kerstin Hack: Zest for Life, Life in Balance, Learning Forgiveness, Experiencing God Anew.
This inspiring speaker is perfect for addressing those who would like to be released from burdens and learn to live better and more freely.

Some of her Themes:

  • Swing. Your Life in Balance.
  • Coaching Basics. Learning the fundamentals of coaching.
  • Achieving Goals. Consistently developing and reaching goals.
  • Non-violent Communication. Connecting well with each other.
  • Learning Forgiveness. Living unburdened and free.
  • Work-Organization. Working effectively and at ease.
  • Frustrated with God? Learning new trust.

Detailed descriptions of the seminars are available on her homepage or by inquiry.
Readings: Kerstin Hack also offers readings from her successful books. The participants can expect a refreshing event full of warmth and inspiration.

Christoph Schalk: Work-Organization, Coaching, Self-Coaching, and Developing Wisdom.
Psychologist and coach, Christoph Schalk, is available as a speaker and trainer on these topics for corporations, associations, churches, and non-profit organizations.

Lectures and seminars to further topics are possible by arrangement. It is best to contact the appropriate speaker directly in order to obtain more information.

Coaching – Foundations-Training/Education

Down to Earth Training offers the possibility to attend multiple seminars on coaching themes and, in addition, to recieve literary recommendations and supervision for those who would like to learn the basics of systemic coaching.