Keep To-Do Lists and Projects Lean

CIMG0045Many of us tend to constantly add more tasks and projects to our to-do list. The effect is that there is no possible way to achieve everything on the list in the time that we have.

1 in – 2 out: Keep papers strong and lean

Perhaps you already use the “1 in – 2 out” rule for the filing of documents: any time you put a paper in, you consider at the same time whether two more from the same compartment can come out. This is how the file folder stays thin. The same goes for new objects such as decorations. Any time something new comes in, look at the same time whether two (or at least one) current things can go.

1 in – 2 out: Keep tasks and projects strong and lean

You can do the same thing with tasks and projects: any time you accept a new task, consider whether you can cross off an old one. The same thing for projects. If you don’t do this, your to-do list will become a guilt-list, because you won’t be able to accomplish all the things on it. medicineoffer That would be a shame. A to-do list should stay what it is: an effective tool to give you an overview of the tasks that you want to and can accomplish.