100 Days of new – the challenge

I guess almost everyone knows what it means to be stuck in a Routine. Routinen are great. They help us master life without too much of en effort. But sometimes there is a bit too much of them: The same kind of food, the same kind of friends, the same kind of stuff we do in our spare time. The negative side of routines  is that if we we get stuck in them, our bodies get lazy and our brain does, too.

There are people who

  • 2014-08-28 12.28.21Never drive on a motorbike
  • Never cooked a meal themselves – in Germany 40% of the population!!!!
  • Never danced Salsa, Hip Hop oder Zumba
  • Never organized a blind date for 8 (4 old, 4 new friends)
  • Never baked Pizza
  • Never donated blood
  • Never folded Origami (google it if you do not know what it means)
  • Never painted their fingernails red
  • Never went in a roller coaster
  • Never wrote a letter to a newspaper or politician
  • Never planted a tree
  • Never took part in public protest
  • Never asked a beggar how he got there
  • Never wrote their name in a non-Roman skript

With every new experience we broaden our boundaries. That is good for our bodies and for our soul. If we dared to do something new we feel strenger afterwords – and we in fact are. We made a new experience, broadened our skills a little bit and built some new neurones in our brain…and our brain sais „thank you“ by pouring out quite a few happy hormons.

We at Down to Earth strongly believe that life is a füll and rich adventure. And we believe in strengthening people. Therefore we started the 100 days of new challenge.

  • New places wait to be discovered
  • New people wait to be met
  • New movements wait to be practiced
  • New skills wait to be learned

Let´s do this together. 

The idea is simple. Starting Septempber 1, 2014 each week we post 7 ideas for a new thing you can try. They usually take no longer than 5 – 20 Minutes. We invite you to join in and to share your experiences. Here and  on Facebook  I will share the challenges – as well as some inspiration on daring new things. You can either write comments here or share your experiences on Facebook and tell – preferably with pictures – what you did.

We are looking forward to a great time – full of inspiration…and NEW! 


100 Days of New – Week 4

2014-03-16 16.37.40Week 4

The challenges for this week

  1. Integrate a new movement into your daily routine.
  2. Prepare some new food. .
  3. Pray for someone or something you never prayed for.
  4. Find out something new about a person.
  5. Pick something new in nature.
  6. Arrange something in a new way.
  7. Write to someone new.

Enjoy! And if you like share your experiences here and / or on Facebook.